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"Gifts from 25 US States"

Thank you! With the support of nearly 400 donors, we successfully met our one-month goal of raising $25,000 for the EAGLES Program, and the gifts are still coming in! Our dream is to provide funding so that any student, no matter their financial background, will have the opportunity to become an Auburn Tiger. And thanks to your generosity—and the $68,000 grand total from the You Might Be For Auburn Matching Challenge—we are one step closer to realizing that dream. We selected a new cohort of EAGLES at the end of April 2019 and we are excited to welcome them to our campus in the fall. Funding raised will go to enriching the Auburn experience for both our current and incoming students, including scholarship support, health and wellness training, and increased job training.


Challenge Stats and Facts

"Most visited pages on COEd website for fundraising time period"

There were a few indicators that made this challenge unique and wonderful. Below are a few:

  • We received 194 gifts from Alabama residents, corporations, and foundations and we had donors from half of the country with donors spanning 25 US States!
  • Our oldest alumnus to support the EAGLES challenge graduated in 1952 while 3 recent graduates from 2018 participated.
  • 50% of donors found out about our challenge through social media and our social media posts were shared more than 900 times!
EAGLES Distinctions

"28,000 Facebook engagements"

While there are nearly 270 post-secondary programs across the country that cater to students with intellectual disabilities, there are a few things that make our program unique:

  • We are the first in the state of Alabama to be classified as a comprehensive transition program (CTP), a status only 1/3 of schools have achieved, which means our students can now qualify for federal aid;
  • We are the first residential program in the state of Alabama;
  • Our EAGLES have built in supports, who we call WINGS, to help ensure their success and wellbeing every step of the way; and
  • Our program is 95% inclusive; meaning EAGLES are able to have the full college experience and take full advantage of everything the University has to offer!
Student Quotes

"388 Total Gifts | 200 gifts given between April 1st - 11th | 211 gifts from AL residents | 21 donors were non-alumni | 28 donors made 1st time gifts

Josh Greiner

Being in EAGLES means a lot to me because Auburn chose me, and I am very excited to be a part of the Auburn Family. 

Anna Moates

Attending Auburn has always been my dream. As someone with Down Syndrome, I never thought this dream could come true. Thanks to the EAGLES Program I am experiencing college life and continuing my family’s legacy.

Bradley Basden

People with disabilities are the largest minority group in America, and we are thankful to have people like you who help us each day.

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