Educational Leadership International Experience: Australia


To create competent and collaborative leaders who understand the dispositions needed to lead in a diverse world.


To provide an exemplary international learning experience that is challenging and relevant to educational leaders. We wish to enhance the global context and experiences of those who will be leading Alabama schools. We desire to equip our school leaders with knowledge and skills that will assist them to engage educational communities worldwide.

What We Do

Since 2010 the Educational Leadership Program at Auburn University has embedded graduate leadership students with principals in Tasmania and Sydney, New South Wales. We will embark on our 8th Australian style professional development tour in May, 2017.  The Australia Leadership Experience helps educators bring new perspectives to their schools.

During our three week May-June stay there are many ah ha! moments. For example, Sydney has one of the largest and most successful career/technical systems in the world. Technical and Further Education (TAFE) demonstrates to our graduate students the wonderful ideas for developing their own career and technical education centers. As one participant said, “I cannot believe how technical education is viewed here in Australia. There is no stigma attached to a TAFE education. If only it was that way in my school system.”

While in Sydney our graduate students see how well Alabama does with special education programming but also see where Alabama falls short on ELL services.  As one student noted: “I’ve never been anywhere outside Alabama. This has really broadened my horizons and boosted my self-confidence. I have really enjoyed thinking outside the box and I have a better understanding of what it must feel like to be a foreign child in my classroom.”

We believe that Auburn University Outreach is enhanced by our program. We reach far and wide and influence local, state, regional, national, and international educational communities.