Cultural Studies Team (CST) Lab

CST Lab is a counseling psychology research team focused on incorporating cultural aspects into psychological studies. We explore the constructs that are crucial in certain cultures, such as exploring how that culture is shaped by the society and its impact on individuals’ mental health issues and academic/career/life satisfaction. We approach these constructs with various types of research, including psychometrics studies, career issues among populations from marginalized groups, and stereotype threat issues among various cultural groups. Our current research projects include the following:

Current Projects
  • Acculturative pattern and mental health among Asian-American college students
  • Model minority stereotype and mental health among Asian-American college students
  • Perfectionism and its impact on mental health among Asians: A meta-analysis study
  • Stereotype threat and perfectionism among women in STEM
  • Development and Initial Validation of Model Minority Stereotype Stress scale