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Andreas Kavazis

Andreas Kavazis, Ph.D.

  • Wayne T. Smith Distinguished Professor

Phone: 334-844-1479
Campus Mail: 301 Wire Road, Auburn, Alabama 36849
Office Location: 287 Kinesiology
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Academic Areas

Exercise Science
Fitness, Conditioning and Performance
Physical Activity and Health

Short Bio

My laboratory seeks to examine the molecular, cellular, and physiological adaptations that occur in tissues (e.g. skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, adipose tissue, liver, etc.) during periods of different metabolic loads including exercise, inactivity, reproduction, and lactation. I focus on mitochondria because of their key role in bioenergetics and cellular metabolism. Specifically, much of my research has involved oxidant production and antioxidant defense mechanisms in both skeletal and cardiac muscle. Recently, I have also devoted significant effort towards comparative biology studies focusing on mitochondrial function across multiple species.

Research Interests

  • Mitochondria

  • Oxidative stress

  • Antioxidants