Warrior Research Center

Maximizing Readiness Through Improved Health and Performance

Warrior Research Center

Auburn University School of Kinesiology
Auburn, Alabama

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Tactical Athlete Summit

EVENTS: Tactical Athlete Human Factors Summit

MISSION: Assist the United States Armed Forces to maximize readiness through improved Warrior health and wellness, improved physical and technical performance, and innovative vehicles and equipment in order to fight and win in a complex world.

OBJECTIVES: Serve as a center of collaboration between researchers, the Military, and tactical athletes to further the development and implementation of new knowledge in human factors. Work to improve performance, resiliency, and health and wellness while providing leadership through research, education, training, and implementation of new knowledge in order to better serve our Warriors, Veterans, tactical athletes, families, and the community.




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The Warrior Research Center is located at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.

Tactical Athlete Summit

JoEllen Sefton, Ph.D., ATC

Director of the WRC & Associate Professor in the School of Kinesiology.

Neuromechanics Laboratory

Neuromuscular & physiological effects of orthopaedic injury and prevention.

Tactical Athlete Human Factors Summit

Conference on military health, technology, & innovation.


View publications by JoEllen Sefton, Ph.D., ATC on ResearchGate.