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Not sure if you will be transferring, but interested in finding out how your courses would be used at Auburn? We created the following step-by-step guide to help make this process smoother for you.

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First, compare what you are taking/have taken/plan to take at your current institution(s) with what is required for the program you plan to pursue within the College of Education at Auburn University. Print out or electronically locate the following items: Unofficial transcript(s) from the institution(s) where you are taking/have taken courses; Program Curriculum for the Undergraduate Education Program you are interested in at Auburn.

Next, alongside the items located in step 1, access Auburn’s Transfer Course Equivalency Table to see how your transfer courses equate to courses at Auburn University.You can search either by State and Institution (shows a comprehensive list of the course equivalencies for each institution) or by Auburn Course Name (to locate a transfer equivalency from another institution).

When you find a course that you are taking at your current institution on the Transfer Course Equivalency Table, see what Auburn’s equivalent is.

  • NOCR = no credit at Auburn University
  • GEEL = could be used towards your program at Auburn University if your program lists Free Electives on the Program Curriculum
  • EVAL HOL1 = syllabus will be needed for this course to see whether or not Auburn University has an equivalent course.
  • EVAL HOL2 = would need to be evaluated by AU Academic Advisor

Finally, use Auburn’s list of Core Curriculum for the current academic year (subject to change) to see all of the courses that currently count as “Core” at Auburn University. Contact your advisor with the link below to receive the Core Curriculum list.

If you have remaining questions, contact the Academic Advisor for the program you are interested in at Auburn University to have them verify.