Teacher Education

Undergraduate Students

"1" White number one on top of a teal circle
"2" White number two on top of a teal circle
"3" White number three on top of a teal circle
"4" White number four on top of a teal circle

Start out at Auburn University as a “pre” major and become familiar with admission requirements

Apply/interview for your professional program once you meet the requirements

  • Apply based on when your program/major accepts applications
  • Professional interviews take place with program faculty
  • Contact your advisor for dates on when your program applies and conducts interviews

Maintain requirements for Clinical Residency (internship) your last semester

  • Apply for your Clincal residency in Tk20 within AUAccess one year in advance
  • Clinical Residency requirements are on page two of the Admission to Teacher Education Checklist
  • Praxis II Information

Meet degree requirements to graduate and apply for Teacher Certification