Teacher Education

Admission to Teacher Education

Undergraduate Students

Freshmen and transfer students interested in teacher education are admitted to Auburn University and the College of Education with a pre-teacher education status. Students apply for full admission to the teacher education program after completion of 45 semester hours of core coursework in the program and additional requirements related to coursework, GPA, field experiences, testing, a background check, and a professional interview.

Elementary education is a high demand major. Due to limited enrollment, all students who meet minimum criteria may not be admitted. Rankings are determined once applicants meet the admission to teacher education requirements and complete a professional interview which includes a review of a resume, a writing sample, and a face-to-face interview.

Graduate Students

Admission to Teacher Education is linked with your admission to the Graduate School. Additional admission requirements can be found on your academic degree page.

Admission to Clinical Residency/Internship

Field experiences are a critical component of the program. Students have multiple opportunities throughout the program to work with diverse learners in schools and communities. Clinical Residency/Internship is the culminating field-based experience for initial certification and spans a full semester.

The College participates in the Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST) program, which sends students around the world to complete their clinical residency/internship.

Graduation and Certification

Individuals who successfully complete our teacher education program will be eligible to apply for an Alabama Class B professional educator certificate (bachelor’s level certification) or an Alabama Class A professional educator certificate (master’s level certification).  Programs leading to Alabama Class AA certification are available. Students seeking certification in states other than Alabama are responsible for contacting those state certification offices to inquire about any state-specific requirements.