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Proper Mechanics and Optimal Performance

Pitching Study TwoIt is known that with proper mechanics, some players not only perform optimally, but also decrease injury susceptibility. Typically, injury occurs from repeated exposure to unsound biomechanics. In softball pitching, the volume of throws is on the forefront. For softball pitchers to be able to maintain moderate volume, it is imperative that they have proper mechanics.

How do I know if my child/player has proper mechanics?

The Sports Medicine and Movement Lab at Auburn University conducts ongoing research examining softball pitching mechanics as well as throwing mechanics of catchers and position players. These studies are in partnership with Andrews Sports Medicine in an attempt to obtain normative data on softball youth, high school, and collegiate players.

If you are interested in having your child/player participate in this research and be a subject for evaluation, please contact Gretchen Oliver, Ph.D., ATC, using the form below.

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