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Injuries are on the rise and are associated with elbow and shoulder pain. Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) injuries are becoming the most common injury among softball players. The susceptibility of injury increases with an increase in exposure. Here are some general guidelines to prevent these types of injuries.

Injury Prevention

  • Warm-up throwing gradually
  • Rotate positions
  • Use proper mechanics
  • Seek a professional if you experience pain
  • Play with pain
  • Pitch consecutive days
  • Play year-round
  • Use a radar gun
  • Use improper mechanics

Pitching Study Two

Max Pitch Counts

In order to prevent injuries, maximum pitch counts per day and over a three-day period should be followed. Below are our recommendations for various age groups.

Age Pitch Day 1 Pitch Day 1+2 Pitch Day 3
8-10 50 80 0
11-12 65 95 0
13-14 80 115 80
15+ 100 140 100
Rest Periods

Two days of rest is essential to prevent injuries. Most injuries can be prevented by increasing your level of awareness. One out of 10 injuries results in medical disqualification. Here is what we recommend:

  • Girls 12 years old and younger – only 2 days of consecutive pitching
  • Girls 13 years old and older – only 3 days of consecutive pitching

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