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 Baseball Research

  • Lower Body Predictors of Glenohumeral Compressive Force in High School Baseball Pitchers
  • Hip range of motion and scapula position in youth baseball pitching pre and post simulated game
  • Effects of Pitching a Simulated Game on Upper Extremity Kinematics in Youth Baseball Pitchers
  • Descriptive analysis of kinematics and kinetics of catchers throwing to second base from their knees
  • Hip and upper extremity kinematics in youth baseball pitchers
  • Gluteal Muscle Group Activation and Its Relationship With Pelvis and Torso Kinematics in High-School Baseball Pitchers
  • Pelvis and Torso Kinematics and Their Relationship to Shoulder Kinematics in High-School Baseball Pitchers
  • Shoulder kinematics during pitching: Comparing the slide step and traditional stretch deliveries
  • Validity of Pitch Velocity and Strike Percentage to Assess Fatigue in Young Baseball Pitchers
  • Kinematics and Kinetics of Youth Baseball Catchers and Pitchers
  • The Mechanics of Movement (youth baseball)

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 Softball Research

  • Quantitative analysis of kinematics and kinetics of catchers throwing to second base
  • The Windmill Softball Pitch: Optimal Mechanics and Pathomechanics of Injury
  • The Windmill Softball Pitch, Part 2: Injury Prevention
  • Muscle Activation Patterns of the Upper and Lower Extremity During the Windmill Softball Pitch
  • Ground reaction forces, kinematics, and muscle activations during the windmill softball pitch
  • Kinematic Motion of the Windmill Softball Pitch in Prepubescent and Pubescent Girls
  • Relationship between gluteal muscle activation and upper extremity kinematics and kinetics in softball position players

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 Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation Research

  • A Case of Bilateral Unicameral Bone Cysts
  • Quantitative Examination of Upper and Lower Extremity Muscle Activation During Common Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises Using the Bodyblade
  • Unicameral Bone Cyst in an Active Adult Female
  • Electromyographic Examination of Selected Muscle Activation During Isometric Core Exercises
  • Clavicle fractures: a review of the literature
  • Muscle Activation of Different Core Exercises
  • Functional Balance Training in Collegiate Women Athletes
  • Pubic Stress Fracture in a Collegiate Lacrosse Player
  • Comparison of Active, Passive, and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretching for Improving Glenohumeral Internal Rotation
  • Clavicular Fracture in a Collegiate Football Player: A Case Report of Rapid Return to Play
  • Bilateral Tarsal Coalition in a National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Basketball Player: A Case Report
  • Predicting Asymmetrical Lower Extremity Strength Deficits in College-Aged Men and Women Using Common Horizontal and Vertical Power Field Tests: A Possible Screening Mechanism
  • The Razor Curl: A Functional Approach to Hamstring Training
  • Upper Extremity Muscle Activation During Bodyblade Exercises Following Six Weeks of Intervention Focusing on the Lumbopelvic-Hip Complex

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