Auburn KINEversity

Cutting-Edge Exercise Science Research and Application From Leaders in the Field . . . in One Page or Less

Auburn University’s School of Kinesiology poses five questions to an array of experts in the kinesiology field to provide you insight into hot topics. These leading researchers, professors, coaches, trainers, and industry experts are extremely knowledgeable and use science to back their work. Check out each of the interviews below, with a new one released each week.

5 Questions with Melissa Pangelinan, Ph.D., about physical activity in individuals with disabilities

5 questions with Marcas Bamman, Ph.D. about response heterogeneity

5 questions with Cody Haun, Ph.D. about online personal training and athlete monitoring

5 questions with Andrew Galpin, Ph.D. about fitness apps, genetic testing, and muscle physiology research

5 questions with Bill Campbell, Ph.D. about strategic dieting for female physique competitors and bodybuilders

5 questions with Abbie Smith-Ryan, Ph.D. about HIIT training (4/16/19)

3 questions with Freakonomics Radio podcast host Stephen J. Dubner on exercise and academics (2/22/19)

5 questions with Mark Faries, Ph.D. about Behavioral & Lifestyle Medicine, opportunities for kinesiology majors, and bananas and belly fat (2/13/19)

5 questions with Wendi Weimar, Ph.D. about preparatory movements, minimalist running, and shoe lacing for performance (2/8/19)

5 questions with Jose Antonio, Ph.D. about High Protein Diets (1/31/19)

5 questions with Austin Robinson, Ph.D. about high salt diets, hypertension and whether exercise can influence the involved physiology (1/22/19)

5 questions with Susan Kleiner, Ph.D., RD, about Power Eating and fueling your training (1/11/19)

5 questions with Greg Nuckols about PRing for weightlifting, and being Head of Content for “Stronger by Science” and Co-Owner of “MASS” (1/7/19)

5 questions with Stuart Phillips, Ph.D. about protein needs and exercise science research (12/24/18)

5 questions with Brad Schoenfeld, Ph.D. about how to increase muscle mass and lose fat through proper exercise training (12/17/18)