MASL Equipment

Molecular and Applied Sciences Laboratory

MASL equipment used for research:

General Equipment

3 pipetting stations

Large and small high-speed centrifuges

Bacterial incubators (stationary and shaking)

3 desktop computer stations

pH meter, storage containers, and chemical inventory to make buffers

Casework main-lined to pure O2, pure CO2, mixed gas air, and vacuum

Mettler Toledo analytical balance (accuracy: 0.0001 g)

BioTek Synergy H1 (broad range spectrophotometer, fluorometer and luminometer for endpoint and kinetic 96-well assays)

-80C Revco freezer (dedicated specimen storage), -20C VWR freezer (dedicated reagent storage), 4C refrigerator (dedicated Western blotting and cell culture reagent storage)


Western Blotting and Immunohistochemistry Equipment

Mini and midi electrophoresis and blotting boxes and power sources

Antibody Inventory in -20C freezer

UVP Chemi Doc-It gel documentation system with in vivo GFP imaging capabilities

Nikon Eclipse Ti-U Fluorescent microscope

Access to cryostat (Quindry Cardioprotection Laboratory) for tissue slicing


Real-time PCR and Molecular Cloning Equipment

Bio-Rad CFX Real-time PCR Thermal Cycler

Eppendorf Nexus Gradient Mastercycler

Qbit RNA/DNA fluorometer

Horizontal electrophoresis equipment for RNA integrity check and cloning


Cell Culture Equipment

Biosafety hood

CO2 Incubator

Inverted microscope

Cryo-dewar for long-term cell storage

Inventory of culture plates, media, sera, plasmids, transfection media, and aseptic lab equipment


Small Rodent Equipment

Rat voluntary running wheels with real-time running activity monitoring

ECM 830 Electro Square Porator (Harvard Apparatus) for in vivo skeletal muscle gene transfer

VetEquip Isoflurane Machine for anesthesia during small animal surgical procedures

Rat resistance training apparatus through electrical stimulation of hind limb


Human Specimen Collection and Testing Equipment (In AU Human Optimization and Performance Laboratory)

Bergstrom muscle biopsy collection (for histology, protein and RNA expression)Dr. Mike Roberts performing a leg muscle biopsy in the left quadricep of research subject.

Metabolic testing during rest or exercise (2 Parvo Medics Metabolic carts)

BioDex, System 4 Pro™ (isokinetic dynamometer)

Endurance exercise testing equipment (2 Woodway Treadmills, 2 Velotron cycle ergometers)

Blood draw stations and equipment

Olympic Lifting platform, 2 multi-purpose stations (squat, bench press)


Flow Cytometry Equipment

BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer (blood/immune cell phenotyping, tissue/cell phenotyping)



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