Quantitative Methods in Educational Research (QMER)

Quantitative Methods in Educational Research (QMER)

Who We Are

The Quantitative Methods in Educational Research Working Group (QMER) is a learning community to support quantitative research techniques and develop graduate students professionally at Auburn.

What We Do


Software, statistics, and methodological workshops that are free and open.

Research Labs

Opportunities to get started with ongoing, big data projects.

Data Center

Huge, open-access data for students to use and explore.

Outreach Programs

Projects to engage and support education in Alabama.

Graduate Student Development

Integrated, scaffolded program sequence to maximize learning & development.

Mission and Vison

To improve the rigor, quality, and fidelity of quantitative educational research methods and theories in Alabama and beyond.

QMER will be a leader for developing top-tier educational, social, and behavioral research through the integration of (a) advancement of theoretical and methodological practice, (b) expansion of data development and access, and (c) innovation in research training. QMER will be a center for exemplary research to improve the practice of education for Alabama and a global society.