Minors and Graduate Certificates

Undergraduate Minor

 Certificate Coordinator

     Community Music

     Office Systems Management

Dr. Jane Kuehne

Dr. Leane Skinner

Graduate Minor

 Certificate Coordinator

     Sport Management

Dr. Olin Adams & Dr. Jared Russell

Graduate Certificates

 Certificate Coordinator

     Adult Education*

     Adult Education and
     English Language Teaching*

     College/University Teaching

     Community Music

     Educational Leadership*

     Extension Educator*

     Movement Skill Analysis*

     Program Evaluation*

     Rehabilitation Leadership and Management*

     TESL (Teaching English as a
     Second Language)/TEFL (Teaching English
     as a Foreign Language)*

     Transition Specialist

Dr. James Witte

Dr. James Witte
Dr. James Groccia

Dr. Jane Kuehne

Dr. Ellen Reames

Dr. James Witte

Dr. Wendi Weimar

Dr. Daniel Henry & Dr. Betsy Ross

Dr. Everett Martin

Dr. Jamie Harrison

Dr. Caroline Dunn
& Dr. Karen Rabren

*distance learning option—please refer to the Distance Learning page for more information

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