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The Performance and Health Optimization Center is a compilation of research laboratories, outreach programs, and individualized assessments designed to help people achieve maximum outcomes in health, fitness, and sports performance.

The Center is housed in the Kinesiology Building located on Auburn University’s campus in Auburn, Alabama. The laboratories contain specialized equipment and research expertise to analyze the general health and wellness of people of all ages and abilities, as well as investigate the sport performance of athletes from youth to professionals.

Faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students in the School of Kinesiology conduct scientific assessments and gather data about exercise, movement of the body, brain cognition, thermal regulation, muscle function, and cellular function. Each of the 20 laboratories has an area of expertise pertaining to cell, animal, and human physiology or applied health sciences.

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Optimization Services

Discover your potential.

We invite all athletes to our Performance and Health Optimization Center to participate in individualized, scientific assessments that assist in performance optimization. Whether you are looking for biomechanics, nutritional supplementation, mental acuity, or hydration and recovery, we can assist in achieving an edge through science. Numbers don’t lie — split seconds make a difference; one pitch can change the game. Let us show you the numbers and help you reach your peak.

Biomechanics Assessments

Upper and lower extremity mechanics analyses using motion capture.

Health Analyses

Body composition analysis, fitness levels, VO2 Max, and lactate threshold.

Physiological Measures

Nutrition, hydration, gut health, and muscle fiber typing/genotyping.

Brain and Muscle Activation

Eye tracking, muscle torque/fatigue, and EEG-fMRI scanning.

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Contact us to schedule an appointment and obtain specific pricing information. Assessments are provided as our schedule allows.

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