Opportunity to Participate in a Paid Research Study Titled:   “Effects of a theacrine-based over-the-counter (OTC) supplement with or without niacinamide (another OTC supplement) on resistance training adaptations” 

Researchers in the School of Kinesiology at Auburn University are conducting a research study to examine how an over-the counter nutritional supplement (“NAD3” containing theacrine) versus NAD3 + niacinamide (which is another over the counter supplement) affects resistance training adaptations. 

You may qualify if you:

  1. Are a male or female between the ages of 40-64 years old with a body mass index (body mass/height^2) between 22-30 kg/m2 (information will be obtained from you prior to consent visit)
  2. have no experience or minimal experience with resistance training (i.e., lifting weights) for more than 1 day/week for at least 2 months over the last 5 years
  3. free of any known overt cardiovascular or metabolic disease
  4. have not consumed supplemental NAD3, niacinamide, other agents that purportedly boost cellular NAD+ concentrations, creatine, and/or agents that affect hormones (testosterone boosters, growth hormone boosters, etc.) within the past 2 months
  5. 5) free of any medical condition that would contradict participating in an exercise program or donating a skeletal muscle biopsy (i.e. blood clotting disorder or taking blood thinners)
  6. are not allergic to ultrasound gel, Lidocaine, cellulose, theacrine, or niacinamide

If you qualify and decide to participate in this research study, you will first be asked a series of questions over email or phone related to any potential COVID-19 symptoms:

Assuming your answers allow you to participate, you will be asked to report to the School of Kinesiology to:

  1. Provide written consent, and fill out a medical history questionnaire (~30 min)
  2. Perform a leg strength testing session (~1h)
  3. Perform baseline testing (called PRE) after an overnight fast where you will perform tests to assess muscle mass and donate two muscle biopsies from the outer aspect of your upper right and left legs (~1h)
  4. 2 times weekly over 8 weeks to perform single-leg weight training (~20 minutes each) workouts
  5. Complete post-intervention assessments (“POST”), equal to PRE-testing, 72 hours following your last workout (~1h)
  6. Complete biopsy check-ups 24 hours following PRE and POST muscle biopsy donations (5 min each)

The total time commitment in the School of Kinesiology will be 21-23 visits (~8-10 total hours) over 10 weeks.

You will be monetarily compensated in the form of a $500 check for your time commitment upon completion of the study. Partial compensation will be provided for non-completion. Partial compensation will be allowed as follows:

  • Completion of baseline testing (PRE), but discontinuation of study: $100
  • Completion of PRE, and completion of 5 weeks of training before discontinuing the study: $200

If you are interested in participating in this study, please e-mail your name and contact information to Bradley Ruple or Mike Roberts, PhD.

Auburn University Institutional Review Board Protocol # 21-461 MR 2110