Summer Reading Tutoring: 2423 Haley Center

May 3, 2021

The Auburn University Reading Center will offer individualized Summer Reading Tutoring during June and July for children who are not yet reading accurately and fluently. Summer 2021 will be the 22nd year for the program. The program begins June 2 and concludes July 19, with holidays on June 23 and July 5. This summer the tutoring program will feature a dozen (12) 45-minute tutorial sessions. Tutoring will be from 8:00-8:45 AM Monday and Wednesday mornings in or around 2423 Haley Center.


The Early Childhood Education program will bring a group of tutors to the program this summer. That means we will have special opportunities for primary-grade children to get extra help in reading this summer. In addition, we may have some graduate students studying to become reading specialists available to work with older struggling readers.

The Program

Our tutorial program is designed for children struggling with decoding, fluency, or comprehension. It is not an enrichment program for fluent readers or an English program for speakers of other languages. We expect all participants to improve their decoding ability, reading fluency, comprehension, and enjoyment of reading through participation in the Reading Tutoring.

Our tutoring program features individually designed lessons with explicit instruction in decoding, fluency, and comprehension as well as plenty of meaningful reading and writing. Tutors monitor progress closely during each session and assess reading during the first and last sessions to measure reading gains. After the program, tutors compose a report for parents about each child’s current progress in reading, with recommendations for each student.

Social Distancing

Summer Reading Tutoring will feature live instruction this summer. Tutors and children will wear masks to limit the possibility of airborne infection and work at an approximate 3-feet social distance. Tutors will provide duplicate sets of materials for modeling and student practice, and most reading will be from laptop computers.


One parent wrote, “I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your reading program. It is probably the best reading program I have ever experienced! I am a former first grade teacher and always looking for different ideas to share with my own children. I love the idea of your program being so individualized. I feel like every child was ‘coached’ on his/her ability level and not just grade level.”


The cost of the program is $80, which includes tuition and all necessary supplies. This fee can be paid in cash, by check payable to Auburn University, or by credit card upon acceptance into the program.

Applying for SRT

Priority will be given to children experiencing reading difficulties now in kindergarten through second grade and who have had difficulties in learning to read accurately and fluently, who can meet for all 12 sessions. Interested parents or caretakers may follow the link below for an application form, or call (334) 844-6934, or write to Dr. Bruce Murray, Summer Reading Program, 5040 Haley Center, Auburn University AL 36849.

More information and applications can be found online.