Sinclair Wins “Spirit of Excellence” Award

August 27, 2015

Kenyetta Sinclair
Kenyetta Sinclair

Congratulations to Kenyetta “Kim” Sinclair, who won Auburn’s Spirit of Excellence Award for July. Kenyetta works as the contracts and grants coordinator in the Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation and Counseling (SERC).

“I have been with the Department for four years now,” she said. “What I enjoy most is the awesome people I work with every day. We have great leadership from Dr. Martin and everyone in the office works well together. I feel that we have a good team environment here and that you’re never alone. Someone is always there to help out when needed.”

Kenyetta began her career supporting Dawn Browning in proctoring distance education courses. She later moved to the front desk to become the “face” of SERC, where she also  became more involved in travel vouchers and other administrative work.

“I still do a lot of that same work but have added the contracts portion as well,” she said.  “It’s just a good place to come to work every day. I love my colleagues and I’m happy to be here!”

An interesting sidebar to Kenyetta’s honor is that every employee in Dr. Martin’s SERC office has won the Spirit of Excellence Award. These include Dawn Browning, Freda Jackson, Nancy Evans, and Sherri Booth (now retired). There is obviously something to what Kenyetta says about everyone there working to support each other!