SERC Students, Professors Visit Korea, Create blog

June 8, 2015

For 10 days in mid-May, 2015, Dr. Suhyun Suh and Dr. Randy Pipes led a cohort of graduate students on an adventurous trip to Seoul, South Korea, as part of the 2015 Auburn University Global Studies in Counseling program. The students included Lauretta Renee Freeman (Clinical Mental Health), Baxlee Alicia Bynum (Clinical Mental Health), Courtney Rebecca East (Counselor Education), Erin Fuller Crozier (Counseling Psychology), and Yu Xin Sun (Counseling Psychology).

The trip included a strong academic component, as the students made presentations to university colleagues in Seoul. Many ideas were exchanged about what works in terms of effective counseling practices in the different cultures. But perhaps even more important was the opportunity for our Auburn students to explore the music, architecture, food, fashion, and general ambiance of a fascinating place on the other side of the world.

The students created a WordPress blog that not only details their many exciting day-to-day adventures, but also includes scores of excellent photographs that show the diverse, colorful culture they were fortunate to experience.

To read the blog and see the photos, go to