Roberts Receives Funding to Study Plant Extracts

July 13, 2015

Dr. Mike Roberts
Doctoral student Brooks Mobley

The Molecular and Applied Science Lab in the College of Education’s School of Kinesiology, led by Dr. Mike Roberts, received a $9,200 research agreement with a new industry sponsor, Maximum Human Performance, LLC (MHP), to conduct a pre-clinical study on the ability of various plant extracts to burn fat.

Roberts and his doctoral student, Brooks Mobley, will culture petri dishes with muscle and fat cells and treat them with different ingredients to examine whether they promote a greater ‘fat-burning’ environment. Fat cells that are better adapted to burning fat appear darker in color and smaller in size under a microscope. Roberts, along with Dr. Gabriel Wilson, Head of Science and Innovation at MHP, believe that a few key botanical ingredients may be able to achieve this effect.

“We are excited to work with MHP and Dr. Wilson,” said Roberts. “MHP is a very innovative and forward-thinking company that is bringing scientific validity to its products. Dr. Wilson is developing some novel products that have the potential to do some really cool stuff inside the body. As a researcher and exercise enthusiast, I always appreciate companies that put in this sort of effort. We hope that MHP and Auburn continue this collaborative relationship.”

If Phase I proves promising, Phase II will add additional samples to further explore the processes involved, and also incorporate some human subjects. Phase I is expected to be completed by August 2015.

New Jersey-based MHP began in 1998. Its corporate mission has been to develop premier science-based, research-driven sports supplements to help athletes achieve their greatest physical potential.