REFLECTIONS: An exciting semester draws to a close

December 14, 2017

It seems like just yesterday that we were welcoming a new semester with the big buzz over the solar eclipse, moving into the tailgate season, and reflecting on the great history of women at Auburn. But the pages of the calendar kept turning, our students are in the midst of final exams, and we have enjoyed a welcome dusting of snow. We have experienced thrilling gridiron victories over our biggest rivals, and are headed for another New Year’s Day bowl game. And our new President, Dr. Steven Leath, is about to welcome his first full calendar year at Auburn. We’d like to thank our College of Education alumni friends, and supporters for all that you do to keep the pages turning and the ball rolling, and accept our wishes for a beautiful Christmas and a safe and prosperous 2018.

Another big change for us here on campus is saying goodbye to two College of Education stalwarts, who between them have 50 years of service in the Learning Resources Center. Please enjoy their stories, and read about another of our dynamic and successful graduates, Dr. Katrice Albert, the newly-named executive vice president of inclusion and human resources at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).