Pew Charitable Trusts signs evaluation agreement with Auburn Center for Evaluation

March 3, 2020

The Auburn Center for Evaluation (ACE) entered into an agreement with The Pew Charitable Trusts to provide an evaluation of the Legal Navigator legal assistance portal. The portal is a web-based tool for people with common legal issues like writing a will or filing an uncontested divorce. Such users will be given guidance about what paperwork needs to be filed, as well as a checklist of steps to take to move forward in the legal process. Future planned enhancements to the system will include dispute resolution, the ability to track legal paperwork, and other legal assistance tools. This contract, totaling some $150,000, represents the largest single project to date for ACE and includes a partnership with LUCIA (the Lab for Usability, Communication Interaction, and Accessibility) on campus, as well as legal and economic experts. The portal is being initially tested in Alaska and Hawaii, and the vision is to provide site-specific legal advice in all 50 states.