Kinesiology’s Robin Martin named AU’s top advisor

November 2, 2015

Robin Hinds Martin, an academic advisor in the College of Education’s School of Kinesiology, has been named the recipient of the 2015 Auburn University Outstanding Advising Award — Professional Advisor Category. Martin is in her tenth year in the position.


“I just love this place and the people I work with,” Martin said. “It’s always exciting to be here.”

Martin has a unique perspective on the School of Kinesiology. She claims she grew up as part of the program.

“For starters, both of my parents – Perry and Susan Hinds – were Kinesiology students,” she said. “So naturally I became a Kinesiology undergrad, and even got my MS in Physical Education-Teacher Education. I was also awarded the Kenny Howard Fellowship in Athletic Training.”

Her link to the School has even deeper roots.

“Sandra Newkirk, a Kinesiology legend, Auburn’s first volleyball coach and the first director of women’s athletics, was like my second mother,” she said. “She was in the room when I was born. She held me even before my mother did! My daughter is named after her. It is an understatement to say that I feel at home here.”

Martin, who said she “pretty much grew up in Memorial Coliseum,” is especially excited about the growth she sees all around her in the School.

“It is always exciting here,” she said. “There are always new things, the wheels are always spinning. The entire School has doubled in size since I started here ten years ago. We have more faculty, more programs, and I would say at least triple the number of GTAs we had when I started here. And we’re still growing. Students are flooding in here in spite of our having raised entrance requirements. That means, of course, that we are getting better and better students.”

In addition to the excitement that comes with growth, Martin loves the people with whom she works on a daily basis.

“We have such good collegiality, and there are probably reasons for that in addition to our leadership. Most of the people here grew up playing sports and understand that teamwork means working toward the greater good of the organization. That happens here. Just look at how our new faculty work so well together.”

Dr. Mary Rudisill, director of the School of Kinesiology, understands the importance of strong advising, and appreciates what Martin brings to the program,

“We are very fortunate to have Robin Martin serve our students in Kinesiology,” Rudisill said. “Robin’s relationship and rapport with students is outstanding. She cares a great deal about our students and works hard to ensure that each one receives the appropriate advising services. Her advising evaluations suggest that she is an effective advisor. In the past 10 years Kinesiology has not had a student delayed for graduation because of poor advising. This is an exceptional record and something that we are very proud of in the School of Kinesiology.”

Martin remains happy just to be an important part of the team. ​

“I feel fortunate to be in this place where I truly enjoy working with students, being with my professional colleagues, and coming to work every day.”