Kinesiology students win awards from American Society of Biomechanics

July 13, 2020

School of Kinesiology graduate student Hillary Holmes was awarded a Student Grant-in Aid award from the American Society of Biomechanics. The Student Grant-in Aid award supports student members pursuing biomechanics research by offering a source of research funding. The $2,000 grants are distributed on a competitive basis and are intended to offset the costs directly associated with conducting research.

Holmes received this award to study how mechanics in individuals with an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR) differ from matched controls during a drop jump task with added cognitive demands. Her research is focused on factors that may contribute to biomechanics mechanisms of athletic performance and injury, including game-relevant cognition and mental wellness.

Student Sarah Brinkerhoff was awarded the student travel award, which will be given in the form of membership for 2021 because the ASB meeting was canceled.

Miranda Nobles