Kinesiology doctoral candidate Emily Munn wins outstanding paper award

April 5, 2022

Emily Munn headshotThe North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity School awarded School of Kinesiology doctoral candidate Emily Munn the 2022 Outstanding Student Paper Award for Motor Development. Munn’s dissertation study measured the effects of an adapted Zumba intervention on functional mobility and cardiorespiratory fitness in adults with disabilities.

For her project, Munn ran an adaptive Zumba® program on a virtual format because of Covid.

“It ended up being a blessing as we could reach more individuals through this format,” she said. “As part of the intervention, we split the participants into two groups. One group completed the Zumba workout at full tempo, while the other completed it at .75 tempo. We wanted to better understand how the tempo of the workout influences our outcomes.”

The results showed that both groups (high and low tempo) improved their scores similarly in functional mobility and aerobic capacity from the beginning to the end of the program.

“We believe this is important as lower tempo may enable a broader range of adults with disabilities to participate and benefit from this type of program,” Munn said.

Munn, who conducts research under Dr. Melissa Pangelinan’s Pediatric Movement and Physical Activity Lab, will travel to Hawaii to present her work.

Miranda Nobles