Karen Rabren honored as Alabama transition hero

December 14, 2017

Karen Rabren

On December 7, the Auburn Transition Leadership Institute released its FY 2017 Annual Report in a luncheon event held at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center.  It included a celebration of 27 years of transition in Alabama.

Highlights included visits from some our state’s transition stalwarts. One of these was Kevin Jackson, the transition services specialist from Troy City and Pike County schools. Jackson has been on the job for nearly 25 years and has helped hundreds of young people with disabilities transition from the school system into a meaningful life as an adult. He said he loves his job because it allows him to “see kids succeed and see them blossom.”

Also on hand was Joshua Laney, Senior Director of Workforce Development at the Alabama State Department of Education. He works to connect industry partners who hire students with disabilities and those who train students for the workforce. He states that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to transition needs of individual students.

A highlight of the event was a tribute to Karen Rabren, Ph.D., a longtime transition veteran who became the ATLI’s director in 2006, before passing the torch this year to Courtney Dotson, Ph.D. Dotson spoke of Rabren’s passion for transition and rehabilitation, and her important role in sustaining the Alabama Transition Conference, now in its 27th year.

Congratulations Karen on your outstanding career and dedication to those in transition!