Dear Auburn Family and Friends,

Katie Basden headshotAn individual’s potential is not always understood until they are presented with an opportunity. For our son, Bradley, this opportunity presented itself in October of 2017 when our family learned about the EAGLES Program within Auburn’s College of Education. It was that moment our lives would be changed forever.

An individual’s potential is not always understood until they are presented with an opportunity.

As a third generation Auburn graduate, the roots of our Auburn Family are deep, including meeting my husband, Brett, at Auburn. While our two oldest children were able to continue this legacy, we never thought our son, who was born with cognitive and physical limitations, would ever have this experience for himself. But it truly is a miracle what the EAGLES Program has done for our family and the important impact it has had on the Auburn community. A program designed to transition students with intellectual disabilities into contributing members of society, EAGLES has not only increased our son’s independence and self-confidence, but it has given him a place to belong and thrive.  The resources of this program provide opportunities for our children that we as parents could not provide for them. And until now, we never realized Bradley’s full potential.  

In just one short year, the EAGLES Program has accomplished more than I ever dreamed for my family: Bradley has friends from all different backgrounds, he’s going to classes and work by himself, and he’s learning to advocate for himself. I know with the support of the entire Auburn Family, the EAGLES program can become the top ranked post-secondary program of its kind in the nation. Thanks to my brother and many others advocating for students with disabilities, the You Might Be for Auburn Foundation has decided to recognize the far-reaching impact of this program by offering a $25,000 match for all gifts made to the EAGLES Program through April 11th.

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With a focus on inclusion, this program touches the lives of the EAGLES, the lives of their parents, and the lives of all of the students they come in contact with on campus – in and out of the classroom. With the addition of the EAGLES, our Auburn Family is now complete. Please make a gift today to ensure these opportunities are available for more Auburn families for generations to come.

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EAGLES Program Matching Challenge
THE EAGLES PROGRAM will soon be accepting applications for its next cohort. Information about the program is AVAILABLE ON THE EAGLES PROGRAM WEBSITE.