COE Counseling Psychology Doctoral Students ‘A Perfect Match’

March 10, 2015

counseling psychology doctoral candidates
Left to Right: Amanda Miles, April Scott, Emily Kerzin, Annette Kluck, Justin Puder, Joshua Turchan and Romero Huffstead

A critically important aspect of entering the field of psychology is an internship. This year, all six of the College’s counseling psychology doctoral candidates matched into their preferred accredited internships. This is a remarkable feat.

According to Dr. Annette Kluck, an associate professor in Counseling Psychology, the internship application is a very competitive process.

“This year all of our students matched,” she said. “For the past several years, all of our students have gone on to accredited internships, which is becoming increasingly important in the field of psychology. To put this into its proper perspective, consider that this year over 4,200 people applied to internships, and only three-fourths of those matched. Of those 3,239 matches, only 2,732 matched to accredited internships. So our students have a lot to be proud of, as does our Counseling Psychology faculty.”

All of the 4000-plus individuals who apply for internship are nearing the end of their doctoral programs and there are far more qualified applicants from great doctoral programs than there are spots.

The doctoral internships and are similar to residencies for physicians, which make them a critical part of training in the progress to licensed psychologists. The internship is a required part of getting a Ph.D. in counseling/clinical/school psychology and the completion of accredited internships is considered the gold standard in the field.

“The process itself involves an extensive application with references and verification of hundreds of hours of clinical training (providing services to clients) during their time in the program,” Kluck added. “They then spend a great deal of time and money to travel to interview at sites. The next step is that sites and students submit rankings, in much the same way that medical students match to residencies, and finally they learn where they will be going. I am very proud of these hard-working students.”

The students and their matches include:

Romero Huffstead: Northwestern University’s counseling center

Emily Kerzin: University of Utah’s counseling center

April Scott: University of South Carolina’s counseling center

Josh Turchan: University of Missouri’s counseling center

Justin Puder: University of Miami’s counseling center

Amanda Miles: Federal Prison in Minnesota

Story by George Littleton