Brock Named PAWP Coordinator

February 23, 2015

Dr. Sheri Brock
Dr. Sheri Brock

Dr. Sheri Brock, Associate Professor in the School of Kinesiology, has been named Coordinator of the Physical Activity and Wellness Program (PAWP) by the School’s director Dr. Mary Rudisill.

PAWP encompasses all KINE and PHED courses for all undergraduates on campus. Most are not Kinesiology majors. As the Coordinator, Brock ensures each course has the same policies and syllabi, and serves as a resource for the Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs). She created a new template for each course for consistency and provides previous course content to GTAs to enable them to step into a teaching role.

Brock is working to make improvements to the program to benefit both the students and the instructors.

“My goal is to have consistent syllabi, solve problems, and prevent problems,” Brock stated. “The big thing I want to do is have a place online for the GTAs to share content, read notes and tips, and to email reminders to students.”

The PAWP courses have a common core of five exercise and wellness modules online. A sixth conceptual core module is tied specifically to that course. One course, Active Auburn, is an online class where students attend group fitness classes at the Auburn Recreation Center and complete three workouts per week. Last semester 800 students took Active Auburn. Some of the other courses are taught by contract instructors and include Cross Fit, Bowling, Golf, Scuba, Kayaking, Taekwondo, and Fishing.

“I was really excited about going out and meeting and evaluating all the contract instructors,” said Brock. The quality of instruction the students receive is great compared to the fee they pay for the course. They get 15 weeks of instruction for less than what it would cost for two private lessons.”

According to Brock, the most challenging aspect of being the coordinator is time. Her favorite part about being PAWP coordinator is the interaction with the graduate students. They often come to her with ideas and concerns about the program.

“I didn’t know any of them in the past, and now I know everyone in the building. It’s been really nice being a resource not only for teaching, but for their classes,” said Brock. “They go above and beyond. They talk about fairness and send weekly reminders to their students that their assignment is due. It’s a level of caring I didn’t expect. It’s a testament to the quality of our graduate students.”

Story by Kristin Roberts