Barton Takes New Position in the College of Education

September 5, 2014

Dr. Jenny Barton, who has served as the Special Assistant to the Provost for Budget Management since late 2005, has accepted a new position in the College of Education. Effective October 1, Barton will become the Assistant Dean for Administration.

“I have truly loved my time in the Provost’s Office and all of the opportunities it has afforded me to learn about effective administration policies and budget models for an increasingly competitive higher education funding environment,” Barton said. “However, I earned my Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration and know that I will very much enjoy working in a college setting. While I have gained vast and valuable experience in Samford Hall, instead of effecting policy on a University-wide scale, I look forward to being involved in a more direct and local manner at the College level.”

The University is studying a new budget model, which the Faculty Senate has asked for additional time to evaluate. Barton served on the teams that developed the proposed initiative.

“I wrote my dissertation on budget models under the direction of Dr. James Witte in the College of Education,” Barton said. “In my present job one of the topics we are exploring is new revenue streams as state support for higher education has diminished. As state support decreases, there must be new emphases on productivity, new revenue streams, and cost containment, while still promoting quality and value. I very much want to help our faculty do what they want and need to do which can be expensive. But the important work they do impacts the community and the state in ways that go far beyond dollars and cents.”

Barton, who received her B.S. in Accounting from Auburn in 1989, is a great believer in the power of education.

“I myself am a first-generation college graduate,” she said. “Our public education system offers opportunities to young people who work hard and encounter great teachers and mentors. I know that Auburn’s College of Education believes in these things and is changing Alabama and the nation in many positive ways. I look forward to being part of that change.”

Story by George Littleton