Auburn Trustee Liz Huntley Believes in Teachers

April 21, 2015

Liz Huntley and Pam Jones
Auburn University Trustee Liz Huntley, left, is pictured with her first grade teacher, Pam Jones.

‘Be a Game-Changer!’ — Auburn Trustee Liz Huntley believes in teachers

The 2015 issue of the Keystone will feature sterling examples of the impact teachers have on our communities. We see over and over again their dedication and courage, and especially their devotion to helping create a better life for the young people they teach.

Auburn University trustee Liz Huntley is one of those people whose life was changed by her teachers. Huntley is well-known both as a gifted lawyer and as a passionate advocate for quality pre-K opportunities for Alabama’s children. But her story of success did not begin where you might imagine.

Raised in rural poverty in a violent and dysfunctional family, Huntley’s life was turned around by ‘game-changing’ pre-school and elementary teachers who recognized her talent and encouraged her innate desire to excel.

Huntley told her terrifying but triumphant tale at a recent TED Talk conference in Birmingham. The event was filmed and is available for public viewing here on YouTube.

The talk lasts only ten minutes but its message resonates across the ages — teachers change lives! Please take a moment and watch Huntley’s talk. It will help you remember the importance of ‘game-changers’ in your own life, and of grabbing the opportunity to be a ‘game-changer’ whenever you have the chance.

Once you see this, you will want to pass it on. Please do!

To view “Be a Game-Changer!” go to and search for LIZ HUNTLEY. Then simply click on the Game-Changer icon and let her talk inspire you!

Story by George Littleton