Auburn DegreeWorks Helps Students Move Toward Graduation

October 29, 2014

Auburn University has launched Auburn DegreeWorks, a new degree-auditing and degree-tracking tool. Auburn DegreeWorks is an online program that compares a student’s academic achievement to his or her major requirements. Dr. Sara Wolf, an Associate Professor in the College of Education’s Department of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Technology spent the past summer helping the Graduate School implement the program across campus with a special emphasis on non-teacher certification programs within the College of Education.

“In a nutshell, DegreeWorks compares a student’s academic history that is stored in Banner to a set of rules, and then displays the result of that comparison,” Wolf explained. “DegreeWorks compares what you have done to what you need to do to graduate, and displays that information in a clear, well-organized manner.”

DegreeWorks is accessible to all students.

“A second function of DegreeWorks is that it can serve as a planner,” Wolf said. “A student and his or her advisor can record a planned list of courses they have agreed will be taken by the student. It has replaced the old Graduate School Plan of Study that was known as GSPOST.”

In terms of business practice, DegreeWorks has mechanisms in place for course substitutions and other types of curricular exceptions.

“DegreeWorks is available 24-7, and is accessed through the Tiger I tab in AU Access,” Wolf said. “It updates nightly which is very helpful when grades are being posted, and during drop and add at the start of the term. So far we have been very pleased with how well DegreeWorks  is going, and how often it is being used.”

If students have questions about DegreeWorks they should contact either their advisor or the Graduate School.