Annette Kluck, Counseling Psychology students, shine at year’s end

April 13, 2016

Internship Winners
Counseling Psychology internship winners include (l-r) Shari Black, Lauren David, Veronica Crawford, Theresa Chan, Meg Lee, and Erin Crozier.

As was the case last year, all six of Dr. Annette Kluck’s students in Counseling Psychology who applied for internship were successful in matching with an accredited agency for their one-year internship. The internship is a required part of the doctoral program. The students are Shari Black, Lauren David, Veronica Crawford, Theresa Chan, Meg Lee, and Erin Crozier.

“Being able to land an accredited internship as part of the doctoral program is not only difficult, but very important,” Kluck said. “An accredited internship greatly expands our students’ future career options. Our graduates are employed in psychological service areas such as college and university counseling centers, private practice, and Veterans Administration hospitals. But in most cases the VA won’t hire someone who has not had an accredited internship, so we feel very good about this.”

Kluck said Auburn’s Counseling Psychology program has a strong national reputation, and that this cohort of students was especially outstanding. “They all matched to excellent sites with top reputations,” Kluck said. “Obviously these are talented and hard-working students and they’re going to be missed. They are leaders in our program, and have done an excellent job of mentoring others in our program. I’m excited for them to have such a strong start for a good career.”

Kluck Accepts AwardIn addition to her students being a “perfect match,” it has also been a good year for Kluck. At the College of Education spring awards ceremony, Kluck won the outstanding graduate faculty award. She was also given the Outstanding Faculty Award in the interdisciplinary Women’s Studies program at Auburn, where for the past several years she has served as chair of the curriculum committee.

“I helped establish the Women’s Studies graduate minor in 2008,” Kluck explained. “We now have minors for both graduates and undergraduates for the Women’s Studies program, which is housed in the College of Liberal Arts. The faculty members there have had a good, long-standing relation with students in our Counseling Psychology program, so I’m very pleased about that.”

Kluck has also been selected to serve as a Presidential Administrative Fellow for the Fall 2016 semester.

“I am excited, too, about that opportunity to learn and help improve the reach of the University and support students across the wider University spectrum. I’ve been a program director for several years now, and I look forward to this opportunity to learn more about the way things work.”

Congratulations to Dr. Kluck, and to all of our “perfectly matched” students!