39th Annual Awards Recognition

April 30, 2020

This spring, the College of Education proudly presented awards to our alumni, faculty, staff, and students for their outstanding academic, research, and outreach achievements, as well as for their exemplary contributions to their respective fields.

Alumni Awards

Each year, graduates of the College of Education who have made outstanding contributions to the profession or the college are recognized at the Spring Awards and Recognition Ceremony. The alumni award recipients for 2020 can be viewed online, along with previous alumni award recipients.

Faculty and Staff Awards

Gerald and Emily Leischuck Undergraduate Teaching Award

Jill Salisbury-GlennonDr. Jill Salisbury-Glennon, Associate Professor, EFLT

“Many of her students have expressed their enthusiasm for learning a lot of challenging information in one semester through active, learner-centered, applied, hands-on means and this is the result of Dr. Salisbury-Glennon’s obvious passion for teaching as well as her compassion for her students.” 
Dr. Paris Strom, Professor, EFLT

Gerald and Emily Leischuck Graduate Teaching Award

Jinhee ParkDr. Jinhee Park, Assistant Professor, SERC

“Her work is distinguished by a strong commitment to our students, the development of counselors, and engaging students in research, teaching, and professional advocacy.”
Dr. Jamie Carney, Humana Germany Sherman Distinguished Professor, SERC

Research Award

Andreas KavazisDr. Andreas Kavazis, KINE

“Andreas’ extensive research experience and accomplishments speak to his ability to stay current and to understand the cutting edge of biology and exercise science. He has an outstanding track record with more than 80 peer-reviewed publications.”
Dr. Mary Rudisill, Wayne T. Smith Distinguished Professor, KINE

Early Career Award

Chris Clemmons

Dr. Christopher Clemons, C&T

“Though his job requires him to fulfill the role of teacher and researcher, Dr. Clemons goes above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis. To his students, he is not only a teacher and scholar, but a mentor, advisor, and friend.”
Dr. James Lindner, Alumni Professor, C&T

Inclusion & Diversity Award

Evelyn Hunter

Dr. Evelyn Hunter, Assistant Professor, SERC

“What has most impressed me through my interactions with Dr. Hunter is her commitment to improving the climate for all students on Auburn’s campus, in particular those from underrepresented groups that may not always feel seen.”
Dr. Kimberly X. Mulligan, Assistant Dean of Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity, COSAM

Outreach Award

Hannah BaggettDr. Hannah Carson Baggett, Assistant Professor, EFLT

“But you only need to witness the experiences students have with Dr. Baggett to see the clearest impact of her outreach. In environments where students are routinely powerless and dismissed as ‘unteachable’, Dr. Baggett demonstrates how students can find interest in and purpose from their education.”
Dr. Sean Forbes, Associate Professor, EFLT

Service Award

Rodney GreerDr. Rodney Greer, Assistant Dean for Research, Dean’s Office

“No matter what it takes to get the job accomplished, Rodney is willing to do his part, even if it requires staying very late at night or starting his day well before everyone else does. Rodney is willing to work hard for others’ success.”
Dr. Mary Rudisill,  Wayne T. Smith Distinguished Professor, KINE

Staff Award

Kelli HowellKelli Howell, Learning Resources Center

“She demonstrates a strong work ethic and dedication to providing excellent customer service to faculty, staff, and students. Kelli Howell is a College of Education rock star!”
Dr. Susan Bannon, Associate Professor, EFLT, Director of the Library Resources Center

Administrative Professional Award

Robyn WestbrookRobyn Westbrook, EFLT

“Identifying the need for an orientation program specifically for Adult Education students, she took the initiative to research, collect materials, create a Share Point site, and conduct the very first Adult Education Orientation this past year.  Robyn epitomizes the term ‘team-player’.”
Dr. James Witte, Interim Department Head and Professor, EFLT

Student Awards

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Awards

Benjamin SpenceBenjamin Spence
Senior, Mathematics Education
Department of Curriculum and Teaching

“One of the things that I found most impressive about Mr. Spence was his ability to effectively juggle his academic work with his membership on various Auburn bands. Despite the significant demands being a band member placed on him, he never used this as an excuse and always planned ahead to ensure that his work was on time and scholarly. Given his record of accomplishment both academically as well as beyond the classroom, I feel he is most deserving of this award.”
-Dr. Marilyn Strutchens, Emily R. and Gerald S. Leischuck Endowed Professor, C&T

Madeline MayhanMadeline Mayhan
Senior, Exercise Science
School of Kinesiology

“Maddy came to Auburn as a freshman and participated in the Kinesiology Learning Community. As her instructor, I was impressed with her work ethic and agreeable personality, in addition to her academic excellence. I recruited her as a Student Leader in the School of Kinesiology, and she’s worked in the office throughout her entire time at Auburn. Maddy also served as a peer instructor for the Success Strategies class for two semesters. She is reliable, dependable, and a pleasure to work with.”
-Tina Gottesman, Academic Advisor, KINE

Russell CraigRussell Craig
Senior, Rehabilitation and Disability Studies
Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation, and Counseling

“Russell has been a prime example of a student who has overcome adversity and barriers, but has never let these situations stop him from always aiming for excellence. Russell is not only a great student in the classroom but he is also a model rehabilitation student by being involved with external activities that give back to the community and develop him as a future practitioner.”
-Dr. Nick Derzis, Associate Clinical Professor, SERC

Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

Sarah FridaySarah Friday
Master’s Student, Science Education
Department of Curriculum and Teaching

“Even though Sarah has amazing academic knowledge, she is humble and eager to hone her skills as a teacher. She eagerly tutors athletes in their science classes, is a kind and gracious student, and a caring teacher. Sarah could have gone to med school or made a career as a research scientist, but she chose to be a teacher, demonstrating fully that “those who can, teach.”
-Chris Schnittka, Professor, C&T

Chris HardmanChris Hardman
Educational Specialist, Adult Education
Department of Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Technology

“Chris is an outstanding student who is working extremely hard on both his graduate classes and his research to complete the EDS degree and intends to pursue a PhD in Adult Education. Chris excels in graduate research, writing, and presentation. He completes all assignments with the highest quality of academic excellence. He is truly an outstanding graduate student in the ADED program. He produces outstanding research projects which are very important in his academic studies, and recently presented his work at the American Association of Adult and Continuing Education (AAACE) annual conference.” 
-Dr. Jane Teel, Assistant Clinical Professor, EFLT

Kaitlin McGinnisKaitlin McGinnis
Doctoral Student, Exercise Science
School of Kinesiology

“Kaitlin has been the glue that holds our lab together. She has been a key part of all our research projects since she arrived. As my senior doctoral student she serves as my lab manager and organizes and mentors our 12 undergraduate researchers. She also serves as a mentor and role model for my 3 other doctoral students. I couldn’t be prouder as she heads off for her Army Post-doctoral researcher position. She has a very bright future ahead and I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes.” – Dr. JoEllen Sefton, Professor, KINE

Bailey CofieldBailey Cofield
Master’s Student, Collaborative Teacher Special Education

Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation, and Counseling

“Bailey is a conscientious and hard-working student who contributes much to class discussions and dynamics. She has also made significant contributions to the EAGLES program with her work with the students in employment settings. I wish we had more students like Bailey in our program!”
-Dr. Cari Dunn, Humana-Germany-Sherman Distinguished Professor, SERC