Neurovascular Physiology Laboratory Personnel

Austin Robinson, Ph.D., Lab Director

Austin RobinsonAustin Robinson, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the School of Kinesiology and Director of the Neurovascular Physiology (NVP) Laboratory at Auburn University. His research interests are investigating the impact of nutrition and physical activity on cardiovascular health and disease. He seeks to determine integrative strategies (combinations of physical activity, diet, nutra/pharmaceuticals) to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in America.

Outside of the lab, Austin enjoys lifting weights, reading, spending too much time on twitter (@AusRob_PhD), listening to podcasts, gardening, and spending time with his significant other (Sofia) and dog (Chaos; a pit-bull rescue).

Zachary Hutchison, M.S.

Zach HutchisonZach Hutchison, M.S. in Exercise Science, is working as a technician with Dr. Robinson in the Neurovascular Physiology Laboratory (NVPL) at Auburn University. He has assisted many researchers on several research projects in various laboratories in the School of Kinesiology at Auburn. His prior interests include biomechanics, motor learning, and motor development. While working in the NVPL, Zach seeks to investigate autonomic control of the cardiovascular system via assessing muscle sympathetic nerve activity (MSNA) and the role of exercise on cardiovascular health.

Away from the lab, Zach enjoys spending time with his wife (Amber) and daughter (Harper). Zach enjoys going to the beach or lake and likes kayaking, fishing, and playing golf.

Alex Barnett

Alex BarnettAlex Barnett, B.S. in Exercise Science, is a graduate student pursuing his Master’s in Kinesiology while he works with Dr. Robinson in the NVPL. His primary research interest is investigating the role of nutrition and physical activity in improving cardiovascular health. Alex’s interests also include the influence of strength and functional training on improving strength, mobility, and overall quality of life.

When not in the lab, Alex enjoys reading, playing pick-up soccer and basketball, and watching sports. Catch him every Sunday cheering or crying about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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