Locomotor and Movement Control Lab Personnel

Dr. Jaimie Roper

Director: Jaimie A. Roper, Ph.D.

Jaimie A. Roper, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the School of Kinesiology and Director of the Locomotor and Movement Control Lab at Auburn University. She has extensive experience in biomechanics and motor control in populations with mobility impairment.

Research Focus: disentangling causes of mobility impairment by employing a comprehensive approach that investigates orthopedic and neural contributions to understanding this problem.

Outside of the lab, Jaimie enjoys spending time with her husband and dog.

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Sarah BrinkerhoffSarah Brinkerhoff, PH.D. Student

Sarah earned a bachelor’s degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology from the University of Florida in April 2017, and a master’s degree in Exercise Science from Auburn University in 2018. She is currently working toward her Ph.D. at Auburn University School of Kinesiology in the Locomotor and Movement Control Laboratory.

Research Focus: the relationship between cognition and locomotor adaptation and learning in older adults, as well as people with movement disorders.

Outside of the lab, Sarah spends time with her dog and hiking at Chewacla State Park.

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Hillary_HolmesHillary Holmes, Ph.D. Student

Hillary is a first year doctoral student in the Locomotor & Movement Control Laboratory. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Biology, Health & Society with a minor in Applied Exercise Science from Cornell University, and master’s degree in Applied Physiology & Kinesiology from the University of Florida.

Research Focus: To better understand the relationship between neurocognitive health and lower extremity musculoskeletal injury in youth and adult athletes. Specifically, she is interested in assessing landing biomechanics and gait concurrent with tasks of high cognitive or ‘real-life’ demands. Her goal is to use this research to enhance rehabilitation, return-to-play protocols and coaching practice.

Outside of the lab, Hillary enjoys coaching and teaching, as well as staying active by running, strength training, and biking to new places on the weekends.

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