Auburn University School of Kinesiology

Excellence in Movement, Health, and Performance.

Auburn University School of Kinesiology

301 Wire Road, Auburn, AL 36849
(334) 844-4483

Our Mission

To promote knowledge about physical activity and performance by creating an invigorating learning environment for our undergraduate and graduate students. Our goal is to improve the health of society through research, outreach, and teaching.

Academic Programs

A degree in kinesiology gives you a wide variety of professional options. You can pursue physical therapy, occupational therapy, medicine, physical education, coaching, strength and conditioning, athletic training, personal training, or academia. The School offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Physical Activity & Health, Exercise Science, and Physical Education/Teacher Education. The School of Kinesiology also offers physical education (PHED) classes for credit to all students on campus. Explore our academic programs to find the right one for you.

Your Future


In the School of Kinesiology, you will conduct meaningful research. We have a wide variety of labs for you to experience to fit your interests. Collaborate with other researchers on campus such as Mechanical Engineering, Biology, and Veterinary Medicine. Or work with the US Military, local schools, and other institutions around the country.

We adhere to the “interventionist” model. That means our research and outreach efforts are all about improving health and human performance. You’ll be able to help students, patients, soldiers, and athletes achieve their goals. ¬†We provide programs such as women’s fitness, preschool motor development, and Tai Chi for cancer survivors. Want to get involved? Check out our academic programs and research laboratories to see more about what we do.