Sport Biomechanics Lab – Wendi Weimar, Ph.D.

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The Sport Biomechanics Lab is an applied science laboratory that consults with professional athletes, college athletes, and people from the general community. The researchers analyze movements of the body to improve performance. Wendi Weimar, Ph.D. is the director of the lab.

Weimar’s research focuses on the function of the lower extremity, specifically gait dynamics. One particular study that garnered tremendous attention compared the gait kinematics of individuals wearing sneakers versus flip-flops. This project led to an interview on Good Morning America and an estimated 600 million people interacting with this research. In addition, Weimar is the co-author of the third-most utilized kinesiology textbook. Moreover, several of Weimar’s doctoral student conduct research in the Sport Biomechanics lab. One student is analyzing shoe lacing and its impact on foot function. Another student is studying gait while wearing high heels.

Weimar and the Sport Biomechanics Lab work closely with the Sports Medicine and Movement Lab directed by Gretchen Oliver, Ph.D. Both work with the Auburn University softball team and helped develop and implement “The Hop.” The video received over 6 million views on Facebook. It is a defensive jump designed to take slack out of the muscle and improve reaction time. Learn “How to Hop,” by watching this video.

Weimar wrote a blog for SportsEdTV about The Hop. It can be read on the SportsEdTV web site.

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