Positive Relationships and Effective Interventions Lab

The Positive Relationships and Effective Interventions Lab is a counseling psychology research group directed by Marilyn Cornish, Ph.D.  Other members of the lab range from undergraduate psychology students to doctoral students in counseling psychology.  A core interest in the lab is psychotherapy process and outcome, with interests branching out to other types of positive relationships and effective interventions.

Positive Relationships with Self and Others

A good working relationship between the counselor and client is a cornerstone of effective psychotherapy.  Counseling psychologists are interested in promoting positive intrapersonal and interpersonal wellbeing (that is, positive relationships with oneself and with others). Current positive relationships projects include:

  • AU Couples Study
  • Living with Spinal Cord Injury
  • Trait Responses to Interpersonal Offenses Scale (TRIO) Development
  • Self-Forgiveness and Interpersonal Functioning
  • Attachment, Forgiveness of Self and Others, and Wellbeing
  • Family and Relationships Study (PI: Cassandra Grey)
  • Offense Recall Study (PI: Christine Chason)
  • Outness, Concealment, and Relationship Satisfaction in LGB People (PI: Edward Ballester)
Effective Interventions: Counseling, Supervision, and Teaching

How do we best work with psychotherapy clients, counseling trainees, and students in higher education? Members of our research team have projects to identify effective interventions for counselors, supervisors, and educators. Current effective intervention projects include:

  • Events Related to Race and Ethnicity in Group Counseling
  • Self-Forgiveness Counseling for Substance Abuse
  • Counseling Trainee Responses to Clinical Regrets
  • Experiences of Black Graduate Students at Predominately White Institutions (PI: Kayla Phillips)
  • Current Status of Multicultural Undergraduate Psychology Education (PI: LaVarius Harris)
Current Dissertations Directed by Dr. Cornish

Students advised by Dr. Cornish develop a dissertation study on a topic of interest to them and within the realm of positive relationships and effective interventions (broadly defined). Current dissertation projects include:

  • Melisa Martinez: Social Aspects of Religiosity & Discrimination in the Latinx Community: A Qualitative Study in the Deep South
  • Graham Morris: Mental Health Labels and Their Effects on Public Stigma among College Students
  • Kayla Phillips: The Association Between Race Based Traumatic Stress and Academic Self Efficacy as Moderated by Tailored Social Support