Physical Education Pedagogy – Peter Hastie, Ph.D.

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The focus of Peter Hastie’s research is sport education. It is a curriculum and instructional model developed and researched in the late 1990s. The theory behind the Sport Education Model is creating seasons of sports, whereby students are members of athletic teams. It also focuses on student-centered instruction rather than teacher-centered instruction. The teaching of sport in schools has a history of marginalizing and alienating many student groups. This current model has been enacted in many school settings, allowing teachers to further develop their own sport seasons.

Several district schools are now using the sport education model in significant components of their physical education curriculum. Also, students who have graduated from Auburn University are incorporating the model in their work. A number of students who have participated in the school-based instruction have used the model in their internships, further disseminating the model and increasing its adoption for the presentation of quality physical education.

Peter Hastie, Ph.D. is one of the premier researchers in the field of physical education. Two of his most popular textbooks include Complete Guide to Sport Education, and Student-Designed Games, Strategies for Promoting Creativity, Cooperation, and Skill Development.