Performance and Exercise Psychophysiology Lab (PEP) – Matt Miller, Ph.D.

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The Performance and Exercise Psychophysiology (PEP) Lab’s general objective is to enhance motor performance and health. More specifically, they seek to uncover the bases of motor learning and performance, as well as how to capitalize on these bases in order to enhance learning and performance. Additionally, they strive to understand why people choose and, more often, don’t choose to engage in physical activity. The Lab currently employs psychophysiological (e.g., electroencephalography) and behavioral (e.g., accelerometry) techniques to address their research aims.

Matt Miller, Ph.D. serves at the director of the PEP Lab. Several of his Ph.D. students help conduct studies on the effects of teaching a motor skill on learning a motor skill, the psychological impacts of “green” exercise outdoors, how stress or pressure situations can affect performance, and many others.