Korea Study Abroad and Global Studies Initiative

Working in collaboration with the College of Education, the Office of University Outreach at Auburn University, and the College of Education at Korea University in Seoul, Korea, the Korea Study Abroad and Global Studies Initiative was developed by Drs. Suhyun Suh and John Dagley in 2008 and continues into 2015. The program provides graduate studies for students in South Korea and in the United States. The primary focus is to develop and sustain a joint venture with Korea University to establish a global education experience for graduate students committed to extending their worldview and their international relationships. The academic program is designed to ensure that students can earn regular graduate credit in courses offered in international settings.

The students created a blog on their Summer 2015 trip, and Dr. Suh won a Department of Education grant to create an interdisciplinary minor in Korean Studies at Auburn.

The related South Korea Global Studies Initiative was likewise developed to provide local educators with an opportunity to visit Korea to learn about the Korean school system, educational expectations for students at each level of schooling, Korean history, culture, economy, politics, Korean cultural traditions. It is an ongoing large collaboration between Korean automaker AJIN-USA, Auburn/Opelika area schools, the Office of University Outreach, and the College of Education. These first hand experiences will help the educators better understand Korean students’ and parents’ needs and serve them with heightened cultural sensitivity.