Kinesiology Labs


Below is a list of the School of Kinesiology Labs and the corresponding faculty member director.

Exercise Science

Hypertension and Vascular Health Lab – Michael Brown, Ph.D.

Locomotor and Movement Control Lab – Jaimie Roper, Ph.D.

Muscle Physiology Lab – Bruce Gladden, Ph.D.

Neuromechanics Lab – JoEllen Sefton, Ph.D.

Neurovascular Physiology Lab – Austin Robinson, Ph.D.

Pediatric Movement and Physical Activity Lab – Mary Rudisill, Ph.D.

Sport Biomechanics Lab – Wendi Weimar, Ph.D.

Human-Dog Bond with Sports and Exercise – Heidi Kluess, Ph.D.

Brain and Behavior Lab – Kristina Neely, Ph.D.

Physical Activity and Health

Exercise Adherence and Obesity Prevention Lab – Danielle Wadsworth, Ph.D.

Molecular and Applied Sciences Lab – Michael Roberts, Ph.D.

Muscle Biochemistry Lab – Andreas Kavazis, Ph.D.

Pediatric Movement and Physical Activity Lab – Melissa Pangelinan, Ph.D.

Performance and Exercise Psychophysiology Lab – Matt Miller, Ph.D.

Sports Medicine and Movement Lab – Gretchen Oliver, Ph.D.

Tiger Fit Lab – James McDonald, Ph.D.

Physical Education Teacher Education

Physical Education Pedagogy Research Group

Sheri Brock, Ph.D.

Alice Buchanan, Ph.D.

Peter Hastie, Ph.D.

Jared Russell, Ph.D.