Global Studies in Education – South Korea

Due to COVID-19 related travel restriction, the program will resume travel in 2023.

Our outreach program is sponsored by Korean automotive companies located in East Alabama, all in the vicinity of Auburn, Alabama.
Global Studies South Korea
The program goals are to help teachers and administrators in Alabama

  • increase knowledge of Korean culture and Korean educational systems;
  • promote appreciation of diversity and global education; and
  • develop skills and knowledge to teach Korean culture and the value of diversity to students.
Program Activities

The program activities include

  • Orientation of Korean education & cultures (Spring semester)
  • Korea visit (Late May- Early June): School visits, university lectures, guided visits to historically significant sites, cultural exchanges, and visits to Korean automobile companies

AJIN USA; Daewon America LLC; Donghee; Hanwha L&C Alabama; Hyundai Polytech America Company; Hyundai Sungwoo Auto; Iljin Alabama; LeeHan America; Mando America Corporation; Seohan Auto US; SCA Inc.; the Department of Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Technology; the College of Education; and Outreach at Auburn University.