Critical Studies Working Group

The Critical Studies Working Group (CSWG) is an interdisciplinary research, teaching, and outreach team housed in the Department of Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Technology. We work to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion across all levels of education (pre-K through higher education) and are dedicated to collaborative, interdisciplinary, critical research to mitigate marginalization and inequity in educational systems. We do this by:

  • Raising awareness around critical issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity in education among Auburn students, staff, and faculty;
  • Combining research, theory, and practice to create meaningful change in educational systems;
  • Enriching the research literature on equity in education;
  • Engaging in outreach and advocacy to create more equitable, inclusive, and diverse educational settings and spaces in Alabama;
  • Recruiting diverse faculty and students to Auburn University; and
  • Providing ongoing support for other on- and off-campus initiatives, including our Critical Studies Movie Nights and Critical Studies Book Club.
  • The Critical Studies Movie Night events are on Friday evenings and are open to the campus community and the public, featuring documentary films on pressing social issues around diversity, inclusion, and equity. These events feature an expert panel to facilitate discussion and look at actionable steps we might take.
  • In the Critical Studies Book Club, students and faculty read exemplary scholarship in the areas of equity and justice in education. The titles have included books on school discipline practices, trans* experiences in college, whiteness on college campuses, and sexual identities in education

Our work spans issues of race/racism, gender/gender diversity, sexual orientation/identity, (dis)ability, and immigration across pre-K-12 systems, high school to college pathways, community colleges, universities, and graduate schools. For up-to-date social media information, and upcoming events, follow us on Facebook.