Collaborative Grant: Using Networked Improvement Communities to Design and Implement Program Transformation Tools for Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation (NIC-Transform)

This project addresses the challenges of transforming secondary mathematics teacher preparation programs to meet the Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics prepared by the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators and other national recommendations.

Five institutions (Auburn University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Kentucky, Mississippi State University, and California State University-Fullerton) active in the MTE-Partnership spearhead this effort to develop approaches to effectively enact program transformation, drawn from research on institutional change and MTE-Partnership resources. Each site operates as an individual network improvement community (NIC) at the institutional level, and as a part of a “NIC of NICs” incorporating work across the institutions. The project includes a particular focus on managing and sharing the knowledge the is being generated by NIC-Transform and MTE-P more broadly.

Over a period of two years, these efforts will result in basic infrastructure that can be scaled up to support transformation efforts across the MTE-Partnership and create a model that can be used with the nation.


National Science Foundation, Improving Undergraduate STEM Education Program (DUE 1834539 and 1834551, 10/1/2018 – 9/30/2020, $300,000)