Capacity Building: New Pathways to a Career in Mathematics Teaching in Central Alabama

This project aims to serve the national need of preparing high-quality teachers of mathematics to meet the acute national shortage of secondary mathematics teachers by engaging key partners both within and outside of Auburn University in collaboratively designing a program to prepare “career changers” who already have a strong background in mathematics to pursue a career in teaching mathematics. The program will provide a streamlined entry with a particular emphasis on developing candidates’ deep knowledge of mathematics teaching and learning needed for success. Such a streamlined approach will make participation in the program more feasible for potential candidates and provide immediate assistance to high-needs school districts struggling to find qualified mathematics teachers.

Project objectives include:

  1. Building partnerships among those with a stake in ensuring an adequate supply of mathematics teachers
  2. Collaboratively building new approaches for career changers to enter the profession that are efficient, effective, and practical
  3. Beginning the course and curriculum design needed for approval by Auburn University and the State Department of Education
  4. Exploration of recruitment strategies


National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program (DUE 1950251, 3/1/2020-2/28/2021, $75,000)

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