Auburn Transition Leadership Institute


A society in which all individuals are valued as contributing members, each dignified by his or her strengths and abilities.


To help youth with disabilities achieve successful integration into community life by providing continuous improvement resources to the systems, practitioners, and citizens who assist these young people with their transition to adulthood.

The Auburn Transition Leadership Institute (ATLI):

  • Devotes and engages its resources toward the improvement of transition practices, programs, and policies to help individuals with disabilities establish and delineate their individual paths leading to fulfillment of their own goals.
  • Works with administrators and professionals in education, rehabilitation, mental health, and other related agencies to provide intensive coordinated services as well as leadership in the areas of instruction, outreach, and research.
  • Offers advocacy projects for young people in transition and opportunities for their parents to explore leadership, independence, and community.
  • Facilitates transitions throughout the lifespan by providing continuous improvement resources to systems, practitioners, and local programs.

This is Transition. - building brighter futures for youth and young adults with disabilities