Adult Education Applied Learning Center (ALC)

As a part of the College of Education Adult Education academic program, the ALC creates targeted training for industries in need.


To provide a collaborative environment for development, delivery, and coordination of quality corporate, community, continuing education, and training services for employers and employees, both current and prospective, at all levels.


  1. Serve as a research unit
  2. Serve as an outreach educational/training unit utilizing the research, faculty, partner experts, and graduate students within the College of Education and Auburn University


The ALC will serve as a connection between regional businesses and industry and their job training needs, creating a single point of contact for adult educational workforce development.


The ALC opened in the Fall semester of 2020.


  • Providing Alabama Industry support regarding workforce-related issues
  • Researching topics of concern and providing educational programs which will address the training needs of Alabama’s vast array of industrial growth
  • Coordinating research, grant, and education programs with the faculty and the graduate students in the Adult Education program and the faculty in other subject areas by utilizing their expertise to support the needs of the business and industry community
  • Providing the business and industry partners with current research and teaching expertise from the faculty to provide training within Alabama’s industries
  • Conducting professional development training, designing training materials and curricula, and planning development courses and programs for employees and employers in local business and industry
  • Contributing to the Adult Education Program by providing experience in training tailored to specific industry needs
  • Preparing students for entrance into active participation into the current world of industrial training