Graduate Certificate in Inclusive Elementary Education Practices

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Interested in professional development in elementary education inclusive practices? Our graduate certificate provides opportunities for elementary teachers in general education or special education to learn about curricula design, specialized teaching techniques, program implementation, current research directions and findings, and translating research into elementary inclusive teaching practices.

Certificate Overview | Admissions

Certificate Overview

Coursework and course activities will prepare you to implement evidence-based practices for students with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities

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  • A master’s degree in a field related to education of students with disabilities or
  • Intend to incorporate this certificate into a graduate degree in special education and thus meet the appropriate application requirements.

Degree Seeking Students and Certificate

  • Degree seeking students who plan to add a graduate certificate to their current degree program will apply for admission to the graduate certificate program before completion of their degree program.

Non-Graduate Degree Admission

  • Prospective students intending to pursue a graduate certificate without enrolling in a degree program must apply to the Graduate School for admission to the graduate certificate program.
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